Help me get on your ballot! 

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Before I announced my candidacy, I knew it would take the help of our many friends – and their many friends – to be elected to serve you as Judge on the Arkansas Court of Appeals. 

So many of you have been truly wonderful in asking what you can do to help. The time has come! 


Did you know the State of Arkansas requires an $8,960 filing fee for my candidacy? We can avoid paying that large fee by using a lesser-known petition process. I'm asking you to help me collect the signatures of registered voters who reside in our district.


If we gather 3,000 signatures, then we do not have to pay the $8,960 filing fee.


There are good reasons to do this. First, we must use our money and donations wisely. Most importantly, I believe this to be an excellent way for you, my friends, and my family to spread the good word about me to their friends and family! 


​Please download the petition and collect signatures of five, ten, twenty (or more) registered voters who live in Pulaski, Perry, and Saline Counties. 


​I'm happy to pick up your signatures in advance of our self-imposed deadline of December 4, 2021


Please email me at if you have any questions or wish for me or a member of our committee to pick up your signatures.

Thank you!

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